The design utilizes wire ropes in conjunction with a single hydraulic jack to lift the elevator at a 1:2 ratio. For each foot the jack rises, the elevator rises two feet. The platform is supported by a cantilevered car frame with the jack, rails, and roping located on one side of the hoistway.


  • Jack hole is not required. Eliminating the cost of drilling and the risk of ground contamination from oil leak.
  • Accommodates front, rear and side opening configurations.
  • Allows for glass walls on sides where equipment is not located.
  • Rail bracket attachment only required on one wall of the hoistway.
  • Available with higher travels up to approximately 90’-0”.
  • Minimal pit and overhead requirements.


  • May require a larger hoistway width to accommodate rail and jack equipment being mounted on only one side of the car or at the rear.
  • Additional rail force considerations are necessary to accommodate rail brackets being mounted only on one wall.
  • Governor access door is required in the overhead unless a special governor is provided.
  • Limited to 3000-lb. capacity rating.
  • Installation time is typically higher when compared to an in-ground application.
AutoCad drawings (.dwg files) are in a zipped folder and will need to be unzipped once downloaded.


Passenger Cantilever Roped

Type Capacity (lbs) Hoistway

Width x Depth


Width x Depth

Inside Cab

Width x Depth

Front / Side Door Type Door Width PDF AutoCAD
2000 7′-4″ x 6′-10″ 6′-0″ x 5′-1″ 5′-8″ x 4′-3″ Front Single Speed 3′-0″ .pdf .dwg
2000 8′-0″ x 6′-10″ 6′-8″ x 5′-1″ 5′-8 3/8″ x 4′-2 7/8″ Front / Side 1 Speed & 2 Speed 3′-0″ .pdf .dwg
2500 8′-4″ x 6′-10″ 7′-0″ x 5′-1″ 6′-8″ x 4′-3″ Front Single Speed 3′-6″ .pdf .dwg
2500 9′-0″ x 6′-10″ 7′-8″ x 5′-1″ 6′-8 3/8″ x 4′-2 7/8″ Front / Side 1 Speed & 2 Speed 3′-6″ .pdf .dwg
3000 8′-4″ x 7′-3″ 7′-0″ x 5′-6″ 6′-8″ x 4′-8″ Front Single Speed 3′-6″ .pdf .dwg
3000 9′-0″ x 7′-3″ 7′-8″ x 5′-6″ 6′-8 3/8″ x 4′-7 7/8″ Front / Side 1 Speed & 2 Speed 3′-6″ .pdf .dwg

Additional Specs

Pit Depth = 4′-6″
Standard Cab Height = 8′-0″
Speed available to 150 FPM
Minimum Overhead ≤ 100 FPM = 12′-1″
Minimum Overhead > 100 FPM = 12′-4″
Max Travel = 70′-0″

Notes for Cantilever Roped

  • 2000-lb. car complies with NEII recommendations for car to accommodate wheelchair.
  • 2500-lb. and 3000-lb. cars comply with NEII recommendations for car to accommodate
    24″ x 76″
    stretcher when equipped with single slide doors.

This information is intended for preliminary planning. We have attempted to include the basic data that you will require in your planning efforts. For details about specific or custom installations please contact your local Canton Elevator representative, or contact us directly.

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