Traction Machine Room Less (MRL)




Canton Elevator’s Traction MRL application replaces traditional hydraulic equipment with a gearless machine, ropes and counterweights.  Main guide rails will be installed on both sides of the elevator car with an additional set of counterweight rails being mounted either in the side or rear of the hoistway.  A GL Series AC Permanent Magnet Gearless Machine mounted on machine beams in the overhead eliminates the need for a machine room therefore resulting in lower construction cost.


Advantages Disadvantages
  • Jack hole is not require which eliminates cost of drilling and reduces the risk of oil contamination
  • Allows for front and rear opening
  • Available with higher travels up to 200’-0
  • Reliable at higher speeds up to 500fpm
  • No Machine room required
  • Reduced operating costs


  • The overall material and installation costs are higher
  • Significant hoistway construction costs required to properly design the shaft to handle
  • Material procurement and installation generally longer than hydraulic units
  • Increased maintenance and labor costs due to troubleshooting complexity
  • Limitation in elevator capacities


For dimensional information consult factory.


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