Limited Use / Limited Application Elevator

Low-rise, low-occupancy commercial building
More standard amenities, optional features and safety precautions
Same Canton Elevator reliability and durability.

Canton Elevator’s 1:2 cable hydraulic drive and submersed pump delivers a smooth ultra-quiet ride. To guarantee performance and durability, LULA Elevators are constructed from the same premium grade components utilized in our Commercial Elevator packages.


  • Application: Limited Use/Limited Application
  • Load Capacity: 1400 lbs.
  • Rated Speed: 30 FPM
  • Power Supply: 230V 1PH 60Hz (3-Phase power available)
  • Control System: Selective Collective
  • Drive System: 1:2 cable hydraulic with submersed pump and motor
  • Platform Sizes: 48″ x 54″, 42″ x 60″ and 51″ x 51″(18 Sq/Ft) (Consult factory for custom size platforms)
  • Travel: 25 feet
  • Pit and Overhead: 16″ pit with 11′-0″ overhead
  • Machine Room: 5′-0″ x 6′-0″ x 7′-0″H

Car Operating Panel and Hall Stations

  • Design and Finish: Rectangular face plate with #4 stainless steel finish
  • In Car Features: White illuminated buttons with black halos and braille tags, car position indicator with floor location and directional arrows, traveling lantern, emergency lighting, hands-free phone, alarm bell with alarm button, nudging buzzer, capacity plate and key switches (on/off light, fan, independent service, stop and access)
  • Hall Features: White illuminated buttons with black halos and access

Standard Cab Features

  • Overall Height: 84″
  • Wall Construction: Wood core faced with plastic laminate and #4 stainless steel base
  • Canopy and Ceiling: 12 ga. Steel White Enamel Canopy w/thermoclear suspended anodized aluminium t-frame ceiling and fluorescent lights
  • Handrail: #4 stainless steel 3/8″ x 2″ flat bar with returned ends on one wall
  • Doors and Front: 2-speed horizontal sliding doors and return assembly with #4 stainless steel finish
  • Door Operator: GAL MODL
  • Extra Amenities: Single Speed Exhaust Fan and #4 stainless steel Certificate Frame
  • Contact CEI for custom interior finishes

Additional Features

  • Car frame manufactured with 3/16″ and 1/4″ formed steel members
  • Platform made with 1-5/8″ power strut steel framing with 11 ga. steel fire stop and 3/4″ sub-floor
  • Infra-red door edge protection with automatic door reopen system
  • Car top inspection station with alarm bell and lamp guard
  • Magnetic floor selection, stopping and releveling
  • Manual reset slack rope safety switch, type A safety brakes and pipe rupture valve
  • Pump run timer, home park feature and low oil protection timer circuit
  • Fire service/Overspeed governor available (to suit local code requirements)
  • Available pit prop/car top device (per ASME A17.1 Section 5.2)

Hoistway Doors and Entrances

  • Dimensions: 36″ wide x 80″ tall
  • Doors and Frame: 2-speed horizontal sliding fire-rated doors and frame assemblies with baked enamel finish and extruded aluminium sill

To see our LU/LA brochure, click here.

AutoCad drawings (.dwg files) are in a zipped folder and will need to be unzipped once downloaded.


Capacity >Hoistway

Width x Depth


Width x Depth

Inside Cab

Width x Depth

Openings Door Type Door Width PDF AutoCad
1400 5′-9″ x 6′-2″ 4′-4″ x 5′-4″ 4′-0″ x 4′-6″ Front Opening 2 Speed 3′-0″ .pdf .dwg
5′-9″ x 7′-1 1/2″ 4′-4″ x 5′-10″ 4′-0″ x 4′-6″ Front & Rear .pdf .dwg
5′-6″ x 6′-8″ 3′-10″ x 5′-10″ 3′-6″ x 5′-0″ Front Only .pdf .dwg
5′-6″ x 7′-7 1/2″ 3′-10″ x 6′-4″ 3′-6″ x 5′-0″ Front & Rear .pdf .dwg
6′-7″ x 6′-9″ 5′-0″ x 4′-10″ 4′-3″ x 4′-3″ Front & Side .pdf .dwg

Machine Room

Machine Room Door PDF AutoCad
Width x Depth Height Width x Height
5′-0″ x 6′-0″ 7′-0″ 36″ x 80″ .pdf .dwg

This information is intended for preliminary planning. We have attempted to include the basic data that you will require in your planning efforts. For details about specific or custom installations please contact your local Canton Elevator representative, or contact us directly.