Hole Type

Traditional design utilizing a single hydraulic jack, which is located under the platform and installed in the ground.

  • Available with low and high capacity elevators
  • Available with higher travels
  • Accommodates passenger or freight loading
  • Allows for front and rear openings
  • Minimal hoistway sizes required
  • Minimal pit and overhead required
  • Flexible rail bracket spacing
  • Typically the lowest material costs
  • Two stage in-ground telescopic jacks available which reduces drilling depth


Design utilizes two hydraulic jacks, which are located on each side of the platform and installed on the pit floor.  Jacks can be single stage or two stage telescopic.  Single stage jacks can accommodate approximately 12’-6” of travel. Two stage telescopic jacks can accommodate approximately 26’-0” of travel.  Travel may dictate the pit and overhead clearance requirements.

  • Available with low and high capacity elevators
  • Accommodates passenger or freight loading
  • Allows for front and rear openings
  • Jack hole is not required which eliminates cost of drilling and reduces risk of oil contamination
  • May require a larger hoistway width due to jacks mounted on each side of the platform
  • Additional pit and overhead may be required with higher travels
  • Side opening not an option
  • Material costs are typically higher compared to an in-ground application


 It takes a bunch of muscle to lift a 60,000-lb. fully loaded rig and Canton Elevator has it! We built one of the world’s largest hydraulic freight elevators to lift semis 36-ft. for unloading at Chicago’s Illinois Center. Our freight elevators are at work across the nation delivering the reliable performance industry demands for efficient and profitable operation.Whether you need a sidewalk lift, platform lift, auto, truck or virtually any other special-purpose freight elevator system – you’ll want to tap Canton Elevator engineering expertise. Because, we’ll solve your vertical freight transportation problem with a state-of-the-art computerized design. It also means you’ll receive a system that was assembled before it left our plant, assuring you a proper, trouble-free installation at the site.


  • Furnished as complete systems or your choice of components
    • Sling – platform – tie rods – guide shoes
    • Complete cab includes lights and escape hatch
    • Jack(s) – buffers – hitch plate
    • Pump unit
    • Rail brackets
    • Vertical rise car gate – single or double section
    • Car and hatch wireways – car-top station – cam-limits – leveling switches – pit stop switch
    • Oil line
  • Complete pre-assembly and Q.C. testing at our plant before shipping
  • We can supply any type freight elevator door required
  • Available with Class A, B, C1, C2, C3 loading capability

 Roped Hydraulic Paragon

After years of research and development a new model of excellence in the elevator industry appears as Canton Elevator introduces Paragon™Roped Hydraulic Elevators.  The newest of our advanced holeless hydraulic elevator systems has become the simplest and quickest package on the market to assemble and install.Paragon™ offers travels from 25- to 80-ft. in 2000 and 2500-lb. capacities and is manufactured using the same principles as our standard hydraulic application.  In high rise hydraulic applications, Paragon™ has become the alternative to the more expensive traction types – requiring no costly drilling and very little overhead.Servicing the Paragon™ was not forgotten! We made sure that every component is absolutely visible and easily accessible. This essential feature will benefit your customer by providing the prospect of reduced maintenance costs and short downtimes.Finally, quality is important to our business because we value our customers.  The unsurpassed design and the high standards to which we adhere in the manufacturing of our equipment assure quality and attention to the smallest of details in every Paragon™ component.

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