Hydraulic elevators require a machine room in accordance with ASME A17.1 and local building codes.
Typical machine room requirements are as follows:

  • Minimum size to accommodate all elevator related equipment while providing electrical clearances as specified in the NEC or local code. Only elevator related equipment is permitted in the machine room.
  • ASME A17.1 requires a minimum clear height of 7′-0″ to access equipment.
  • A self-closing, locking access door of sufficient size to accommodate power unit. Door must be openable from inside machine room without a key. Generally, door should swing “out”.
  • Machine room must be temperature-controlled with adequate ventilation, to be maintained between 65° – 95° Fahrenheit (18° – 35° Celsius).
  • Fire protection devices as required by ASME A17.1 and/or local building code.

The table below outlines standard machine room sizes for Canton Elevator’s standard power units.

TypeTank ModelMin. Machine Room SizeMin. Doorway SizePDFAutoCAD
Submersible2444S6′-0″W x 7′-0″D3′-0″W x 6′-8″H.pdf.dwg
3252S6′-6″W x 7′-6″D3′-0″W x 6′-8″H.pdf.dwg
2444S (2 Cars)11′-0″W x 8′-0″D3′-0″W x 6′-8″H.pdf.dwg
3252S (2 Cars)13′-0″W x 8′-6″D3′-0″W x 6′-8″H.pdf.dwg
Belt Driven3446B6′-6″W x 7′-8″D3′-0″W x 6′-8″H.pdf.dwg
3848B7′-0″W x 8′-0″D3′-6″W x 6′-8″H.pdf.dwg
4160B7′-6″W x 8′-6″D3′-6″W x 6′-8″H.pdf.dwg
Note: Various equipment requirements and/or options will affect required machine room size.

Sizing notes:

  • Typically, the 2444S submersible tank is applicable up to 3500# at 100 FPM. Higher speeds and/or capacities will generally use the larger tank. Be conservative if tank size is questionable.
  • Belt-Driven tank sizes are based on job-specific pump size (consult factory for details).

Machine rooms should be adjacent to the hoistway at the lowest landing whenever possible.

Machine rooms can be remote or adjacent at upper landings/above shaft, but machine rooms MUST be located within 50ft of pit to avoid performance issues related to machine room distance (consult factory for details).