No longer must you shop around among various vendors to obtain all your elevator equipment needs.  We’re not just a package elevator manufacturer we offer component equipment such as pump units, jacks and controllers as well as elevator parts such as packing, motors and pipe fittings.

Canton Elevator’s expertise and service is always right at your finger tips should you need elevator components or individual parts.  Just pick up the phone and give us call or send us an e-mail.  We’ll get you what you need!


Holed and Holeless Jack Units Whether you project requires a hole to be drilled or not Canton Elevator has a hydraulic jack solution to suit your needs… Read More

Power Units

Canton Elevator systems utilize the most trouble-free and easily-serviced components available… Read More


The microcomputer-based controller is standard with every Canton Elevator system, whether passenger or freight, and incorporates the latest technologies in the industry… Read More


Choose your lobby-side entrance appearance from these typical standard treatments and finishing techniques. Offered also but not shown are laminate-clad doors that allow you…Read More


With JET PLUS pre-engineered car and hall operating stations, it’s easier than ever to choose the right fixtures at the right price. And with JET PLUS delivery, your order will ship with…Read More

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